Problems With Your Concrete? How To Tell When Your Concrete Needs A Lift

When you built your home, you expected the concrete to stay in one place. That's what should happen. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can cause problems with your concrete. Small cracks are easy to repair. You only need to use some concrete patch. But there are more serious problems that aren't as easy to repair. In some cases, your concrete will lose its footing. When that happens, concrete lifting is the only way to get it back into place. Read More 

When To Have Concrete Cut And Removed

There may be a lot of different project ideas you have around your yard, but you have been putting them off because you have to break and remove concrete. You may have been planning to take the job on yourself. The thought of vibrating down the street on a rented jackhammer like you had once seen happen on a cartoon may be keeping you from making those improvements. Get rid of your concrete patio area Read More