4 Tips To Prepare Concrete Forms And Prevent Problems With Concrete Delivery

Today, the most practical solution for various types of projects is to use ready mix concrete when you need concrete. It can also be a problem if you are not prepared and cause you to lose money if the forms are not ready and the concrete finished once it is poured. Here are some tips that will help you prepare forms and prevent problems when you have ready mix concrete delivered to your project.

1. Prepare the Ground and Make Sure the Forms Have Been Completed

One of the most important steps in preparing for your concrete delivering is the preparation of the ground. You want to make sure you have the gravel and plastic that you need in place, as well as to check the forms are complete. If there are any areas where forms have gaps, try to fill the gaps as tightly as possible to prevent concrete from spilling out. Lastly, check all the forms to make sure they are complete and are not missing any pieces at larger gaps.

2. Do an Accurate Estimate of the Amount of Concrete That Will Be Needed

It is important that you get an accurate estimate of the amount of concrete that you are going to need. Measure the cubic yards inside forms to determine how many trucks you are going to need to complete your project. For larger project, you may need to spread the deliveries of concrete over several days to ensure there is enough time to finish concrete properly.

3. Make Sure There Is Easy Access to the Area Where Concrete Will Be Poured and Decide If Pump Trucks Are Needed

When pouring concrete, it is important that the delivery trucks can easily access the area. You want to make sure there is a clear path with no obstacles that will cause problems, such as buried utilities, septic systems, or narrow access routes. If there are areas where you may have a problem getting the trucks to where you need concrete, talk with the mix service about pump trucks to help with delivering the concrete to where it is needed.

4. Finish Concrete and Protect It to Ensure It Cures Properly After Being Poured

Once the concrete has been poured, it is important to finish it quickly. You will want to work with contractors to schedule the delivery of concrete and finishing at the same time. In addition, you may also want to cover the concrete with plastic once it has been poured to protect it from moisture and weather to ensure it cures properly.

These tips will help you be more prepared for your mixed concrete delivery to avoid problems. If you are ready to start a project, contact mixed concrete services like R. Pepin & Sons Inc. to help schedule the delivery when you have everything ready.