Want To Extend Your Driveway Or Add Another Parking Place? What To Do

Storing garbage bins and a recycling bin outside of your home when they have to sit in the dirt or grass can be a hassle. If your bins are difficult to move when it rains, they are damaging your grass or area around the outside of your home, and they are an eyesore, it's time to make some changes. You want to create a space that is dedicated to storage outside of the house, that looks good, and that is also convenient. Consider these options.

Have Concrete Poured

Have a slab of concrete poured on an area by the garage man door and the side of the house. This way you can easily move things in and out of the garage onto the concrete area, and you are able to use the slab for your garbage cans and other things. Make the area as wide as you will need to store the cans and anything else that you may want to have out there. You may also want this to connect with a sidewalk or back patio. You can get some ready-to-mix concrete on your own or pay to have this done.

Get a Covering or Enclosed Storage Unit

Once you can walk on the concrete, you want to get an overhead covering off the side of the home, to keep the wind and rain off of the items that you store. If you don't want to add an overhead covering, you may consider adding a storage option, like an enclosed shelter designed to store garbage cans, bikes, or other items.

Look at the options to determine what will look best next to the house. Some materials may be more reliable and last longer, and may look better than others outside of your home. Vinyl is a great option to consider. You may also want to have locks on these storage options if you worry about theft or animals in your area.

If you are always worried that your garbage bins are going to open up and the garage is going to blow away because they aren't in an enclosed area, or you fear that you have to worry about water problems and your bins causing permanent damage to the soil and grass where they sit, it's time to make some changes. Get estimates from the concrete professionals and be sure that you get an enclosing option, so you don't have to worry about the bins and other items that are stored outside being enclosed.

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