How to Fill Foundation Cracks

Most concrete foundations can and will crack over the years. Most small cracks are insignificant and nothing to worry about. However, if the crack starts to grow, and penetrate through your entire slab of concrete, it can make the foundation  vulnerable to water leaks through the bottom. This could be particularly problematic foundations in basements. So, if you have exposed foundations in your basement or garage that are cracking, it could be very helpful if you seal them with crack filler.

Why You Should Fill Small Foundation Cracks

Most small cracks aren't going to compromise the structural integrity of your concrete as long as moisture doesn't start to seep through the cracks. Concrete crack filler won't permanently seal the small cracks and prevent this problem from occurring.

Luckily, crack filler is cheap and very easy to work with. You definitely want to use crack filler, and not regular concrete mixture to patch the concrete. When working in such small spaces, you want to use crack filler because it is mixed with glue that will bond with the existing concrete, no matter how rough the surfaces, and create a more lasting seal.

Using Crack Filler

Concrete crack filler is very easy to work with and you don't need to be any sort of expert in order to apply it. In fact, most crack filler comes in squeezable tubes or bottles, so it is very easy to work with. You can basically pour or squeeze the crack filler directly into the crack and then use a putty knife to spread it around and flatten the filler. You want to scrape away the extra filler so it is flat and even with concrete. That is, you don't want the concrete filler to be spread all over the top of your surface. You really just want to fill in the crack and nothing else.

Any filler on the top of the concrete is going to make the surface uneven and it will eventually just crumble away. The fact of the matter is, a patched concrete crack isn't going to look beautiful. That is, the newly filled crack is not necessarily going to hide the crack and make it invisible. It will still be noticeable, but it will be stronger and less likely to chip. This is important because you don't want moisture seeping up through your foundation through small cracks.

As you can see, it is simple to repair foundation cracks. Learn more by contacting services that provide basement construction.