Adding On A Room? 3 Benefits Of Choosing Concrete Walls

If you are adding a room onto your home, you may have never thought about using concrete walls. This is because many people use drywall. You will be glad to hear that there are many benefits of using concrete walls instead of drywall, however. Below are three of these benefits so you can decide if you would like to use concrete for your new room:

Easy to Use

Concrete is easy for a building contractor to use. This is because they have access to concrete anywhere. If you wanted to have a natural stone wall, this would be much more difficult. This is because natural stones are much harder to find. It is also not difficult for a building contractor to install concrete walls. They do have to install a stable footing, however, or the concrete wall could fall. This is why you should hire a professional to install this room for you.

Durable and Little Maintenance

Concrete is very durable and you will not have to worry about it deteriorating fast. Concrete can also withstand extreme temperatures, water, and wind. Concrete is resistant to fire. This means if your home burns this room will still be standing.

 If you ever see any cracks in the concrete wall, simply purchase a concrete crack filler at a home improvement store and repair the cracks yourself. If the cracks are large, a professional can easily repair them for you.

Use Polished Concrete

For interior concrete walls, you can use polished concrete. This polish will make the texture of the concrete look much better. There is also colored polish so you can change the boring gray color of concrete to something else.

You can purchase polish at a home improvement store and polish the walls yourself. The polish you purchase will come with complete instructions. Make sure you purchase enough polish for the entire project. You can ensure this if you measure the width and length of the walls.

If you use polished concrete, consider first applying a concrete sealer to the walls. This will protect the concrete from dirt and grime.

If you hire a professional to polish your concrete they can make your walls look interesting. For example, they have a technique they can use to give the walls a distressed look. They can also mix colors to create a unique color for your walls.

Talk with local concrete wall contractors about concrete walls and they can give you much more information.