Preventing Rust in Your Concrete Driveway

The addition of concrete to your home's driveway can make your property more accessible. While many homeowners think of concrete as a nearly indestructible material, the fact of the matter is that concrete structures are susceptible to rust.

Learning some simple ways that you can prevent your concrete driveway from forming rust will allow you to keep your driveway structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing well into the future.

1. Rust-proof your driveway's support structure.

In order to ensure that rust doesn't become an issue for your concrete driveway in the future, it's important that you take the time to rust-proof your driveway's support structure. Concrete is typically laid over a framework of woven rebar.

If not treated properly, the rebar can begin to corrode over time. Coat your rebar base structure with a rust-preventing spray to avoid having corrosion affect the quality and function of your home's concrete driveway.

2. Mix your concrete properly.

Another simple way that you can prevent rust in the future is by taking the time to carefully mix your concrete product according to the manufacturer's directions. Concrete comes in bags of dry mixture, and you must add water in order to trigger the chemical reaction that binds the aggregate materials in the mix together.

Getting the water-to-concrete ratio correct is extremely important. The right ratio will ensure that your concrete driveway is both strong and impermeable. When water from the surface can't seep through your concrete, the steel structure supporting it will be less susceptible to corrosion.

3. Pour your concrete in the right weather.

The environment in which your concrete is poured can significantly affect its susceptibility to rust. When you lay concrete on a day where the temperature is too hot, the exterior of your concrete slab could dry much faster than the interior. This leaves the interior layers surrounding your metal support structure exposed to the moisture in your concrete mix.

Moisture interacting with metal can result in rust. To prevent future corrosion, be sure that you are pouring your concrete driveway on a day where temperatures are between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure uniform drying.

Finding ways to prevent rust from affecting your concrete driveway doesn't have to be difficult. Treat your rebar support with a rust-resistant coating, get the water-to-concrete ratio correct, and pour your concrete in the right weather to ensure your driveway remains rust-free. Talk to a concrete contractor for more tips.