3 Foundation Problems That Can Affect Homes Without Basements

If you thought your home was safe from damage because you do not have a basement foundation, you may want to know a little more about common foundation problem. Damage to the foundation can cause serious structural problems and even become a hazard. This can be due to things like poor drainage and settling in soft soil. Here are some of the problems that you may want to keep an eye out for around your home to ensure your foundation does not need repairs:

1. Erosion Causing Problems With Footings That Can Lead To Settling

Erosion can be a major problem with almost any type of foundation. If your home was built over backfill, this can be a problem if the materials were not compacted or drainage issues were not addressed.  When it rains, the earth from beneath your home can literally get washed away. This may be something that goes unnoticed for a long time, but when you start to see cracks in the foundation or other areas of your home's structure, the problem may be due to erosion and require repairs to the foundation, as well as addressing any drainage issues.

2. Soft Soils Causing Uneven Settling And Severe Cracking Of A Foundation

In lower areas like the coast, soils tend to be softer due to things like sand or river sediments. This can be a problem with foundations, which may not have been built on solid footings. This can eventually cause your home to start settling in the soil, which can lead to cracks in the foundation, problems with windows and doors, as well as visible damage inside your home. This can be repaired by fixing the cracks and using methods such as, tensioned concrete cable systems or piers to support your foundation on solid bedrock or soil layers.

3. Static Water Pressure Causing Cracks In Crawl Space Foundations Below Grade

Static water pressure is another problem that you may come across, which is common with basements but can also affect any home with areas beneath the grade levels such as crawl spaces. The problem with crawl spaces is that many lack features like footing drainage tiles. If you have an older crawl space and you notice cracks, you may want to have a foundation crack repair contractor look for some of these problems and do the improvements that are needed to prevent damage to your home.

These are some of the common foundation problems that can affect any type of structure. If you think your home may have a problem with some of these issues, contact a foundation repair contractor and talk with them about fixing cracks and other problems with your home's foundation.