Spruce Up Your Backyard With These Clever Concrete Ideas For Children

When you consider hiring a concrete contractor to come and do some work on your property, you probably think of things like patios, walkways, and even concrete curbs around your flowers. However, if you have children and a little extra space to work with, there are actually some pretty creative reasons why you should be working with a concrete contractor to make some changes around your property. Here are a few pretty nifty landscape implementations and changes you can make with concrete which are bound to bring a lot of entertainment and interest for your children. 

Implement a permanent sandbox.

You could pick up one of those small plastic sandboxes or even build one out of wood, but why not implement a sandbox for your child that you are positive will stick around for the long haul? You can actually have a contractor create a sandbox for you out of concrete. These more permanent versions won't get damaged by wind or rain, and they can even be fitted with a drain to wick moisture away as needed. The surrounding concrete barrier of the sandbox will be crafted in a kid-friendly manner with no sharp edges or corners. 

Consider adding a concrete splash pad to an open space. 

If there is one things kids love about hot weather, it is the chance to go outdoors and play in the water. Instead of just leaving your youngsters to entertain themselves with a sprinkler or water hose in the grass, it is a good idea to install a concrete splash pad. This is a span of concrete, often in a semi-circular shape or rectangle, which has several integrated sprinklers available for the kids to play with. The pad also contains gently sloping surfaces and drains to prevent the water from pooling on the concrete and causing erosion or draining off into your yard to create muddy spots. 

Think about constructing a sports-themed play area. 

If you children are active and enjoy sports, offering them their own place in the backyard to enjoy their sport of choice is always going to be a nice gesture. In most cases, all you need to create things like a small basketball court or tennis court is a concrete contractor like Oesterling's Concrete Co Inc. Not only is a concrete sporting arena fairly easy to create on a small scale, the area can be coated with soft epoxy and polymer materials which will be more worthy of active play.