Two Options For Transporting Concrete Long Distances And How They May Benefit Your Construction Projects

Concrete is a temperamental product that needs to be warm and fairly wet so that it does not solidify. If you need to transport concrete long distances, you may think that your only option is transporting it in a cement mixer truck. However, there are at least two other options for moving or transporting concrete long distances. They are as follows, in addition to how each may benefit your construction projects.

Concrete Pump and Pipe System

If you know that you will be sending concrete out to the same site for several weeks or months, you can install a concrete-mixing tank, concrete pump and large pipes that will carry the concrete over the distance to your site. The mixing tank holds and makes plenty of wet concrete and continues to churn so that the concrete does not harden. The pump pulls or pushed the concrete into the pipes and helps force the concrete along. The pipes not only hold the concrete mixture or slurry, but also carry the concrete from the mixing tank to your job site. Usually the pipes are underground, but if you want to avoid the extra time needed to bury the pipes and then dig them back up several months from now, you can just leave the pipes above ground. 

Concrete Pumper Truck with a Boom Arm

If a concrete pump and pipe system just will not reach far enough for what you are attempting to do, then a concrete pumper truck with a boom arm may be the better option. These trucks can hold a good-sized amount of concrete to use as vertical wall filler or to form vertical concrete walls themselves. The boom arm doubles as a means of accurate concrete delivery and a good reach in height or length. There is a hose attached to the pump on these trucks, into which the concrete is pushed by the pump. The hose and boom arm are then lifted to the point where more concrete needs to go and released via a control valve below.

If you can imagine the boom arm of a crane reaching up to deposit a load of materials on a floor a few stories up, that is what a conrete pump truck does. If you need to extend the reach of the boom arm and the hose, some trucks can reach farther or offer extensions that other concrete pump trucks cannot. Another benefit of using the truck over using the pump and pipe delivery system is that no employee has to stay behind to monitor the production of more concrete--the concrete can be made in the truck's tank onsite.

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