3 Simple Ways To Incorporate Concrete Into Your Kitchen

Many homeowners are striving to give their living space an industrial feel. If you want your own kitchen to have a more industrial aesthetic, the incorporation of concrete into your interior design could be beneficial.

Here are three simple projects that will allow you to let concrete make your home's kitchen industrial-chic in the future.

1. Concrete Countertop

Homeowners are often surprised to discover that concrete can be used to create a unique and durable kitchen countertop. Concrete countertops are custom crafted by skilled artisans who can incorporate useful design features like drainboards into your design.

As an added bonus, concrete can be dyed using pigments or stained using an acid-based product to help give you a unique countertop design. If you are thinking of converting your kitchen to an industrial space, don't forget to include a concrete countertop.

2. Concrete Magnets

Small design elements can really help an interior space appear finished, and you can easily use concrete to help incorporate some unique design elements into your kitchen. One of the easiest ways to add some concrete to your home's kitchen is by crafting some concrete refrigerator magnets.

All you need is a silicone ice cube tray that features some fun shapes, some magnets, and a bag of fast-setting concrete. Mix the concrete according to the manufacturer's directions, then scoop it into the silicone tray until each ice cube space has been filled. Let the concrete begin to set, then push the magnet into the exposed side of the shapes as they harden. Let the concrete dry completely (at least 8 hours), then pop the shapes out and put them to use on your refrigerator.

3. Concrete Stools

Adding some concrete stools to your kitchen's island or breakfast bar can be a great way to incorporate more industrial design elements into your living space. An easy way to create concrete stools is to invest in some decorative concrete pavers from your local home improvement store.

Purchase some distressed beams whose cross-sections measure the same as the area of your pavers. Cut the beams to the correct height, then affix the pavers to one end of the beam using a heavy-duty adhesive made for concrete. Place your new stools in your kitchen, and enjoy the unique industrial seating they provide.

Adding concrete elements to your home's kitchen can easily transform your living space into a chic, industrial room you will enjoy. For more information about adding concrete to your kitchen, contact Unit Step Company or other concrete specialty companies near you.