Some Tips To Add Some Class To Your Boring Concrete Patio

If you have a concrete patio that has no type of finish on it, such as stamps, color, or any type of textures, your patio may look boring. If so, you can liven it up and give it some class by adding a motif, a stain, or decorative overlay. Below are some tips on how you can do this. Your patio will look amazing when it is finished.


When you add a motif, the design is engraved into the surface of the concrete. During the process, the lines, such as rectangular, circular, or straight are scored into the concrete using an engraving machine. The machine is approximately the size of a standard lawnmower. It has sharp diamond blades that can easily cut through the concrete. These engraving machines are generally used to cut cobblestone, tile, or brick patterns. You can create a design yourself, if you prefer. Consider a large motif in the middle of your concrete or put smaller motifs throughout it.

Your concrete patio must be in good condition before you can add a motif. It cannot have any cracks in it.  If it does, purchase a concrete crack filler kit at a home improvement store to repair them.


Staining concrete is like painting it a different color. You can choose one single color, or you can mix different colors together to create something unique. The process is pretty simple. The concrete is wetted down, and then the stain is sprayed on. More than one coat may be needed, depending on how dark you want the color to be. This is something you can do on your own, if you prefer. Make sure the concrete is completely clean of all dirt, oil, grease, etc. before you get started. You can purchase stain at a home improvement store. This stain is semitransparent so it does not completely cover up the concrete surface like it would if you painted it. This means you will be able to see a little bit of the concrete through the stain. How much you will be able to see depends on how dark the color is. For example, if you stain the concrete a very light color, you will see more of the concrete.

Decorative Overlay

If your patio is not in good condition, a decorative overlay would work well for you. The overlay is generally a blend of polymer resins, aggregates, and cement. It is laid over the existing concrete much like a thick paint. When finished, the surface is smoothed out and color is added. Some overlay systems will allow you to customize the overlay by stamping, stenciling, scoring, dying, or staining it a different color.

Contact a concrete contractor if you want some help in doing any of this. The contractor will also likely have some other suggestions on how you can liven up your patio.

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